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Combining the Best of Sailing in the Caribbean and Excellent Massage Services

We all dream of it – a vacation holiday on a perfect beach, nothing but blue water and quiet winds all around, great food, wonderful company and of course great massages to get rid of knots that you have accumulated all year at work. What better way to get all these things than to go on a sailing and massage day cruise at St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands? It remains one of the best vacation destinations for those who are looking for a sailing vacation outside – but close to the US – and it is always quite affordable

While there are all kinds of day cruises on offer if you want to get the best, you may want to consider booking a day sail and massage cruise. During these cruises you have top professionals catering to your needs who are trained to provide a variety of massages – you can choose from relaxing Swedish massage, Deep Tissue, Warm Stone, Pain Eradication Therapy, Reflexology and far more.

Massages are not all that this Virgin Islands Floating Massage Spa has to offer. You will get the best that a day cruise in the Caribbean can possibly  offer to you and your crew. If you choose the right company you will have your choice of yachts – they have fleets, so all you need to let them know is how many people will be coming on your Virgin Islands day cruise and they will provide you with the right size of boat. The yachts come with a Coast Guard certified, experienced captain and other sea deck hands (mates) who will take care of you while you are out there on the amazingly crystal-clear Caribbean Sea.

You don’t have to worry about meals – the day trip is fully catered and you can choose how much food you desire. Make sure it includes some of the island’s delicacies. You also have your choice in drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The yachts allow you to throw parties and barbeques and the theme is up to you – the catering team will make your dreams come true

Don’t take any chances with the few days you have at St. Thomas – book your spa massage with ZunZun Day Sail & Floating Massage Spa because they are the best. They have all these marvelous things to offer and more. You can book your day sail and massage tour today at:

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