Zunzunsailing Offers Day Sailing in the Virgin Islands, St Thomas & St John in Caribbean

Incredible Day Sails, Floating Massage Spa and Hopping Health Retreat!

Have you grown tired of your everyday routine that is full of hassle and stress? Need to find a way to convert all your stress into a positive aura? If that’s what you want when traveling to a completely new place where you can move away from the hustle-bustle of a busy city can be a guaranteed way of achieving relaxation.

Zunzun Sailing has brought to you an attractive opportunity of traveling to the Caribbean and the Virgin Islands. Join hands with us today and embark on the journey that you’ll tell even to the generations to come. Because people are often confused about traveling to the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean, Zunzun Sailing has all the information that you need to know before packing your bags and flying to these beautiful Islands.

Get your very own sailboat booked from one of the finest day sail companies that work in the Caribbean.

So what are you waiting for?

Snorkeling In Caribbean

We are well aware of the fact that the Caribbean islands are known for its crystal clear waters that are home to a range of aquatic animals. Zunzun Sailing can arrange a snorkeling session for you to enjoy with your loved ones.

If you are a fan of wildlife and interested in getting to know more about sea creatures then this can be a perfect activity to combine with your day sail trip. See what life looks like beneath the surface of cool waters and experience marine life in its natural habitat.

Day Sailing Caribbean

The Caribbean is already a well-known vacation spot for tourists that visit this place for its beauty that is yet to be explored. Renting a sail from Zunzun Sailing can prove to be the perfect choice to add a fun activity on your trip to the alluring islands of the Caribbean. Renting a sail for day sailing caribbean from Zunzun Sailing can prove to be the perfect choice to add a fun activity on your trip to the alluring islands of the Caribbean. Our sailboats are stacked with all the modern equipment to ensure that you get the best possible experience and make tons of good memories as you sail in the crystal clear waters of this region.
Launch of Day Sails & Floating Massage Spa on St Thomas, St John Virgin Islands

Day Sailing St John

St John is one of those hidden gems of nature that form a part of the great Virgin Islands. If you are fond of traveling and want to explore a new region then visit St John today. You will fall in love with this place because it is densely populated with trees and mangroves that grow all around this island.

Book your day sail trip today from Zunzun Sailing and traverse the evergreen island of St John. The cool breeze, clear blue water, and fine sailing experience are sure to give you the thrill that has been missing from your life.

Floating Massage Spa St John

Zunzun Sailing takes immense pride in informing you that we have the first, one of a kind floating spa across St John. After you have enjoyed a long day sail in our fine sailboats you might feel that you need some relaxation. Worry no more! We can take care of your post-travel stress by providing highly effective massage treatments in the middle of turquoise waters, an experience unlike any other around the globe.

Our massages range from Thai massage to our very own Zunzun massage and they are conducted by highly experienced professionals who have been serving in the field of massage therapy for years.

Book Your On-Board Yacht

Get your desirable massage from Zunzun Sailing in a dreamy destination at St John today!

Day Sailing St Thomas

St Thomas is similar to St John in terms of forming a part of the well-known Virgin aIslands. This region is mostly recognized for two reasons. First, St Thomas is an island that is a hot spot for those who are looking forward to spending quality time in a calm, isolated island. 

Second, it is rich in scenic beauty consisting of luscious beaches that feature turquoise waters. Zunzun sailing can arrange a magnificent day sail for you and your loved ones in St Thomas which you will brag about in the times to come.

Some Fun Activities at St Thomas

What sets Zunzun Sailing apart from other sailing firms is that it doesn’t just arrange day sails for you but we also have an array of fun activities that can help you bring the best out of your trips. Jet-skiing is one of the most popular activities that we provide to our valuable customers.

Beat the summer’s heat with Zunzun Sailing as you ski across the cool water bodies of St Thomas. Moreover, this area receives high tides in the summers so it can prove to be a very good spot for surfing enthusiasts. Grab your tickets today and fly to St Thomas and cherish the moments of joy with Zunzun Sailing by your side.

Zunzun’s Luxurious Services at the Caribbean

We have already discussed the beauty of the Caribbean but managing a trip here on your own can prove to be a bad idea as you have to take care of everything from your expenses to your accommodation. Zunzun Sailing has been a part of the sailing industry for a long time now. 

In all these years we have gathered loads of experience that we utilize in the best interest of our customers. Moreover, we follow a strict policy of keeping our honorable customers as our first which is the sole reason why we have a huge family of satisfied clients around the world. Whether it’s a day sail or a snorkeling trip in the calm seas of Virgin Islands, you name it. We have got it all covered for you.

Day Sailing Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands are certainly in the bucket list of those who seek out for new adventures. The blue seas along with sandy beaches will surely be the center of your attention. You can enjoy a tremendous day sailing in the Virgin Islands.

After all, who would not love to enjoy a fine dinner in heavenly settings? If you are in search of a something similar then this might be the moment where you are just a call away from going on your dream vacation.

Zunzun sailing has the best sailing services in town that are guaranteed to give you an experience of a lifetime. Book the next flight to the Virgin Islands today and let Zunzun Sailing do the honors of accompanying you on your day sail in this mind-blowing region.