Why To Choose British Virgin Islands

Impossibly perfect weather, beyond beautiful beaches, magical memories.

About British Virgin Islands “BVI”: Information about the British Virgin Islands The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are one of the last jewels in the Caribbean that have not been overdeveloped and lost their charm. Charm is something these idyllic islands have – in spades! Each island has its own style and allure, and no British Virgin Islands vacation is complete without sampling at least a couple of them. The weather here is quite possibly perfect. Temperatures linger around the mid-70s to the mid-80s, with little rain. The rain that does occur usually happens during the hurricane season, June until November. The trade winds that blow over the islands keep the air feeling dry and cool. Nights cool off nicely, making sleep comfortable and easy. Whether your British Virgin Islands travel includes all of the inhabited islands or just one, you will find peace and serenity here. There are plenty of ways to spend your time, from all of the watersports offered to shopping (duty-free!), but the result is always the same – you will leave feeling refreshed and with a great tan! The British Virgin Islands are beckoning. Come experience paradise!

British Virgin Islands Travel Tips:

We want you to have the best vacation possible, so to cut down on your transition time we put together some important British Virgin Islands travel tips. BVI vacations are easy when coming from the U.S.; the same currency is used and you already know the language! But there are still just a few things to know to make your stay comfortable.

Tips For Traveling while cruising in The British Virgin Islands.


Banks are located in Tortola and the larger islands. You will find both local branches and international names you may recognize. Typical hours are from between 8:30 and 9:30AM until 3 or 4PM, and some will remain open on Fridays until 5PM. Clothing Dress here is casual while remaining somewhat conservative, meaning no beachwear anywhere except at the beach. Some of the higher-end restaurants and clubs have a dress code, so you may want to come prepared whether or not you have plans to visit them – always good to be ready for the “what ifs”. The nights cool off nicely so you will want to remember a light jacket to keep warm.

Tipping / Gratuities

Tip in the BVI the same as in the U.S.; 15% to 20%, depending on the level of service. Some restaurants will include gratuity into the final bill, so look it over before tipping extra. British Virgin Island Beaches: Information on Beaches in British Virgin Islands. The beaches in the British Virgin Islands are the main draw for vacationers, and for good reason! They are unbelievably beautiful with warm, clear water and the snorkeling and diving is world-class with the reefs so close to the shore. Each island is full of amazing spots to go, so we have listed all of the British Virgin Islands beaches by their island.


BVI electrical currents and plugs are the same as in the U.S. Medical Facilities There is a hospital in Tortola and medical clinics in towns on Tortola and the other larger islands. Medical care is good though limited, and you will be airlifted to the U.S. if you require extensive treatment.


The official currency of the British Virgin Islands is the US dollar. Many places on the islands will accept major credit cards and traveler’s checques.


There is no sales tax in the BVI, but there is a 7% room tax. The departure tax is $20, usually included in your airfare. Telephones To place a call between the U.S. and the British Virgin Islands, you will dial 1, the area code, then the 7-digit phone number. While the calls work the same as domestic U.S. calls, you will be charged international rates, so don’t let the simplicity fool you!

Passports & Immigration

To gain entry into the British Virgin Islands you will need to present a valid passport, proof of funds to last your scheduled stay, and a return or ongoing ticket. Personal Safety While the British Virgin Islands enjoys a very low crime rate, you should exercise caution anyway. Lock up your valuables, travel in a group after dark, and never leave your personal items unattended. Dengue fever outbreaks are uncommon but have happened, so you will want to use bug spray when you are outdoors.

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Beaches On Tortola

Josiah’s Bay

The surf at Josiah’s Bay is ideal for surfing, but use caution when swimming here as it can be too strong of a current. There is dining available on the beach. Lambert Bay Lambert Bay is a long stretch of beach. The water here is not so clear, so snorkeling conditions usually aren’t very good.

Brandywine Bay

Since Brandywine Bay’s beach was made by humans, it is often forsaken for the natural beaches in Tortola. This means that this lovely beach is often quiet with few visitors, giving you plenty of room for your blankets.

Brewer’s Bay

On clear days, the snorkeling at Brewer’s Bay is a Caribbean dream. Due to poor drainage, however, after the rain the water isn’t clear enough to see anything. The beach is beautiful and the water perfect for swimming.

Cane Garden Bay

Cane Garden Bay has one of the most popular beaches in Tortola. There are activities and entertainment on this picturesque beach, along with several restaurants.

Elizabeth Beach

This spectacular beach has great views and lots of space. The swimming here is good, but keep an eye on the conditions because it can get very rough.

Apple Bay

Apple Bay is a popular beach for parties. The surf makes for good surfing but can be too rough for swimming.

Little Bay

This secluded beach is almost always quiet, so you could possibly enjoy having this beach all to yourself. Swimming here can be good in clear conditions, but can also get way too rough to enter the water.

Long Bay, Beef Island

Beef Island’s Long Bay Beach is quiet with few visitors, ensuring privacy and plenty of room. The swimming here is good but there is a sharp drop in the sea’s floor, so caution should be exercised.

Long Bay Beach,

West End West End’s Long Bay Beach offers great views and good swimming. There are restaurants on the beach.

Smuggler’s Cove

Smuggler’s Cove is a little hard to get to, but you will be glad when you do. There is great swimming and snorkeling and there is a restaurant on the beach.

Trellis Bay

This lovely beach has shopping and dining right on the shore. Trellis Bay is not good for swimming.

Well Bay This is a beautiful beach with good swimming conditions.

Beaches on Virgin Gorda

The Baths

The Baths is an amazing beach with great swimming and wonderful snorkeling. There are rocks surrounding the beach fro the adventurer to climb.

The Crawl

This is a good beach for families as the surf is calm enough for children to swim. Snorkeling is good from The Crawl as well.

Devil’s Bay

Devil’s Bay is a lovely beach that is off the beaten track, meaning few enough visitors to ensure you enough room for your beach blanket. Leverick Bay Leverick Bay is a lovely beach that is ideal for children with calm surf. There is dining and a bar on the beach.

Savannah Bay

Savannah Bay has calm surf that is ideal for swimming. The beach is stunning and should not be missed. Spring Bay This enchanting beach has mellow water that is perfect for a dip and exciting snorkeling opportunities.

Little Dix Bay

Little Dix Bay is an idyllic beach with some of the most amazing views on the island.

Long Bay

Long Bay is nestled out of the way but worth the trip there. This beach offers spectacular views and great swimming and snorkeling.

Mahoe Bay

Mahoe Bay is a lagoon with wonderful snorkeling and opportunities to glimpse those amazing sea turtles that make there home here.

Prickly Pear Island

This beach has great swimming and nature excursions all around. There is a bar on the beach.

Mahoe Bay

Mahoe Bay is a lagoon with wonderful snorkeling and opportunities to glimpse those amazing sea turtles that make there home here.

Prickly Pear Island

This beach has great swimming and nature excursions all around. There is a bar on the beach.

Trunk Bay

Trunk Bay has one of the most visually stunning beaches on Virgin Gorda.

Beaches On Jost Van Dyke

British Virgin Islands Flights & Airlines

Airlines providing flights to the British Virgin Islands Flights to the British Virgin Islands fly into Tortola’s Terrence B. Lettsome International Airport (EIS). Presuming your final destination is Virgin Gorda or any of the other smaller islands, y9ou may want to choose an airline with a flight to Virgin Gorda from San Juan; otherwise simply take an island-hopper flight from Tortola. British Virgin Islands flights from anywhere outside the Caribbean will stopover typically in Puerto Rico since Tortola’s airport is abit too small to accommodate larger commercial aircraft.

Air Sunshine www.airsunshine.com San Juan, St. Croix, St. Thomas, Vieques

American Eagle www.aa.com San Juan Cape Air www.flycapeair.com San Juan Carib Aviation www.carib-aviation.com Antigua

LIAT www.liatairline.com Antigua, St. Maarten Winair www.fly-winair.com St. Martin Airlines with Flights to Virgin Gorda’s Airport.

Air Sunshine www.airsunshine.com San Juan

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Getting Around the British Virgin Islands:

Information About Ground Transportation in BVI:

Buses, Taxis, Boat Rentals and Car Rentals. British Virgin Islands transportation will vary by island. Tortola, the largest and most visited of the islands, has all the usual forms of public transportation, but it is limited on the other islands. Here we have compiled information about getting around the British Virgin Islands.

BVI Bus Service

On Tortola, the buses are inexpensive but unreliable. Hail one just as you would a taxicab and hop on for a scenic ride to your destination, but make sure you have time to spare!

BVI Car Rentals

There are plenty of British Virgin Islands rental cars on each of the four main islands. For a list of car rentals and information on driving in the British Virgin Islands, click here

VI Yacht Charters
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BVI Taxi Service

Taxis are available in Tortola and Virgin Gorda. You can find a taxi at the airport terminal and then there are a few stands around the larger towns in Tortola, otherwise you or your hotel concierge can call for a cab. Taxis are not metered in the British Virgin Islands, so be sure to agree on a fare before departing to save yourself any surprises.

British Virgin Islands Car Rentals:

Car Rentals in The British Virgin Islands. There are plenty of British Virgin Islands(BVI) car rentals to choose from on the larger islands. Tortola has several at the airport for convenience, and others in towns around the island. Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke, and Anegada also have British Virgin Islands rental cars. Below is a list of all rental car companies in the British Virgin Islands.

Driving in the British Virgin Islands is on the left side of the road. Drive with caution here as the roads are narrow and steep with lots of twists and turns, and once the sun sets they are not well lit. You will need to purchase a temporary British Virgin Islands driver’s permit for $10 which can be gotten at the rental car agency. Insurance is recommended, also available at the car rental company.

British Virgin Islands Lodging:

Please note, its best to confirm this info below… many things do change in the Caribbean, especially with weather disturbances.
Most British Virgin Islands lodging ranges from cozy and intimate inns to sprawling and majestic villas, it’s all up to you which would make your vacation the dream vacation. The types of places to stay vary depending on the island you choose to stay on; each island has its own charm and style. To make your decision a little easier, we have listed the British Virgin Islands accommodations by island. Information on Accommodations in The British Virgin Islands.

*Use the One-Search booking engine below to compare best available rates.

Tortola Lodging: Accommodations and Lodging on Tortola, BVI Tortola is the most visited of the five islands, so naturally they have the biggest selection of lodging in the BVI. Accommodations run the gamut from inns to luxurious resort hotels. There is also a plethora of British Virgin Islands villa rentals and private homes for the truly luxurious home away from home. *Use the One-Search booking engine to the right to compare best available rates.

A & J’s Guest Apartments 284-494-1422

A & J’s Guest Apartments offers fully equipped apartments with kitchens and terraces. They have great views from their hillside location.

Agapé Cottages www.agapecottages.com 284-495-4825 Agape Cottages has fully equipped apartments with kitchens and verandas. They are located a short distance from the beach.

Allamanda Estate www.allamandaestate.com 284-495-1473 This beautiful private home is full of luxurious amenities. The villa has a private swimming pool and a gourmet kitchen.

Arawak House www.cvillas.com/bvi/arawak/index.html Email through website The Arawak House is a private villa with stunning views. They are set just a short distance from Smuggler’s Cove and close to restaurants.

Areana Villas www.areanavillas.com Email through website 284-494-5864 Areana Villas is a vacation rental agency with a variety of villas.

Arundel Villa US 800-862-7863 Arundel Villa is an elegant private home surrounded by gardens. The villa enjoys breathtaking views and there is a swimming pool on site. To add to the luxury of this villa, there are private suites and pavilions, making this an ideal location for a large family or wedding group.

Aslandic House www.aslantichouse.com 284-494-3656 This beautiful villa has separate pavilions with suites on the large property. There is a swimming pool on the grounds.

Bay View Inn www.voyagecharters.com/bvi-accommodation.htm 284-494-0740 This intimate inn is set on the waterfront adjacent to a marina. Each comfortably designed room has a private veranda.

Beef Island Guest House www.beefislandguesthouse.com 284-495-2303 Beef Island Guest House is a bed and breakfast with great views from their quiet beachfront location. On the grounds is a restaurant and they offer comfortable rooms.

Belmont House www.belmont-house.com 284-495-4477 This private home has wonderful amenities and is comfortably designed. Belmont House is nestled in a quiet neighborhood and is close to dining and the beach.

Breeze Haven www.breezehaven.com US 508-655-0117 Breeze Haven offers two separate private villas that are steeped in elegance. Both Leeward House and Windward House have a swimming pool and amazing views.

British Virgin Villas www.britishvirginvillas.com 284-494-2442 British Virgin Villas is a vacation rental agency specializing in private homes.

Cane Garden Bay Beach House www.tortolabeach.com 610-346-7695 Cane Garden Bay Beach House is a beachfront villa. The villa is comfortable and bright and has all the amenities of home.

Cane Garden Bay Cottages www.canegardenbaycottages.com 284-495-9649 These private cottages are centrally located with the beach, dining, and entertainment close by. Each Cane Garden Bay Cottage is fully equipped with a lovely patio and a kitchenette.

Cane Garden Bay Spring Villas www.canegardenbayvillas.net US 862-368-2064 Cane Garden Bay Spring Villas is comprised of uniquely designed private villas. Each villa has a spectacular view and some come complete with a pool.

Carrie’s Island Comfort Inn www.bviguide.com/carriesislandinn 284-495-9220 This cozy inn has wonderful views of the bay from their hillside perch. Each of the rooms has a kitchen and a private veranda.

Casa Caribe www.casacaribe.net US 860-693-9482 Casa Caribe is located a short distance from the beach and has comfortable apartments for vacation rental. Each apartment is fully equipped with a terrace, kitchen, and views of the ocean.

Coral Reef Villa www.coralreefvilla.com 284-494-2595 This lovely and spacious private villa is tastefully furnished with all the comforts of home. Coral Reef Villa is a short distance from the beach and there is a swimming pool on the grounds.

D & E Vacation www.devacation.com 284-494-2673 D & E Vacation is a house with an apartment and a suite for vacation rental. Each has a kitchen and all the comforts of home and the ocean views are lovely.

Elizabeth Beach Villa www.dmchislop.home.comcast.net Elizabeth Beach Villa is located close to the beach. There is a swimming pool nearby and the villa is perched in a lovely hillside setting.

Elm Beach Suites 284-494-2888 This centrally located, beachfront hotel is just a short walk from dining and shopping. They feature suites complete with a kitchenette and a private terrace.

Ewing House www.ewinghouse.com 646-526-7111 This private villa is ideally located just a short distance from the restaurants and shops. Ewing House is also set close to the beachfront and has idyllic views.

Fort Recovery Beachfront Villas & Suites Hotel www.fortrecovery.com 284-541-0955 Fort Recovery Beachfront Villas & Suites Hotel is located on the beach. On site are a spa and a restaurant, and they offer all inclusive packages.

Frenchmans Lookout www.frenchmanslookout.com US 203-457-9535 This beautiful private villa is steeped in luxury and elegance. Frenchmans Lookout is well equipped with all the comforts of home and more, and there is a pool and a gazebo on the seafront property.

Green Bank Villas www.greenbankvillas.com 284-494-7131 Green Bank Villas is comprised of two private villas. The villas are a short distance from the beach and have swimming pools.

Harbour View Marina Hotel www.bviharbourview.com 284-495-0165 Harbour View Marina Hotel is a cozy and comfortable waterfront inn. Dining is available at the hotel and they are located within steps of the beach.

Heritage Inn www.heritageinnbvi.com 284-494-5842 Heritage Inn is set on a hilltop with stunning views. The rooms have a full kitchen and on the property are dining and a pool.

Hodges Creek Marina Hotel www.hodgescreek.com 284-494-5000 Hodges Creek Marina Hotel has idyllic views from their marina location. They offer dining and a full service dive shop and the rooms each have a terrace, some with a kitchenette as well. Hotel

Castle Maria www.castlemariabvi.com 284-494-2553 This lovely hotel is close to the beach. On site are dining and a swimming pool.

Hummingbird House www.hummingbirdbvi.com 284-494-0039 This cozy bed and breakfast is situated close to restaurants. There is a swimming pool on site and the area is quiet and serene.

Icis Villas www.icisvillas.com 284-494-6979 Icis Villas is ideally situated within walking distance of the beach and trails for hiking. The suites and villas are well equipped with terraces and kitchens, and dining is available.

IGY Village Cay Resort & Marina www.igy-villagecay.com 284-494-2771 IGY Village Cay Resort is situated adjoining a marina. There is dining available at the resort, where you will also find a spa and a swimming pool.

Indigo House www.indigohouse.org 284-495-9649 Indigo House is a beachfront bungalow with complete privacy for your vacation. It is ideally located with dining and entertainment close by.

Johnny Hill Villas www.johnnyhillvillas.com 284-495-4900 This lovely resort is set close to the beach. The grounds are beautiful with gardens all around, and the rooms have kitchenettes.

Jolly Roger Inn www.jollyrogerbvi.com 284-495-4559 The Jolly Roger Inn is nestled on the waterfront. On the grounds is seasonal entertainment and dining year round.

Lighthouse Villas www.lighthousevillas.com 284-494-5482 Lighthouse Villas is conveniently located close to dining and is right on the beach. Each suite has a terrace with a breathtaking view and a fully equipped kitchen.

Limeberry Villa & Limeberry House www.limeberry.com 284-495-9227 Limeberry House and Limeberry Villa are private villas with swimming pools. They are both located on a beautiful estate with gardens and great views.

Lone Palm Villa www.lonepalmvilla.com US 650-941-8815 This private villa is located close to the beach and restaurants. They have views of the bay and every amenity of home.

Long Bay Beach Resort & Villas www.longbay.com US 866-237-3491 Long Bay Beach Resort features a variety of inclusive packages for scuba divers and other adventures as well. The villas, cabanas, and suites are beachfront and on the grounds is a spa and dining.

Longview House www.longviewhouse.net This private house features wonderful views and a swimming pool. Longview House is set in a quiet hillside location.

Marias by the Sea www.mariasbythesea.com 284-494-2595 This waterfront hotel is located close to the beach. There is dining available and the rooms are cozy.

Mariner Inn Hotel www.bvimarinerinnhotel.com 284-494-2331 Mariner Inn Hotel is a charming inn located on the waterfront adjacent to a marina. At the hotel you will find dining and a swimming pool.

McLaughlin Anderson www.mclaughlinanderson.com 800-666-6246 McLaughlin Anderson is a villa rental company in the British Virgin Islands.

Mongoose Apartments www.mongooseapartments.com 284-495-4421 Mongoose Apartments is a lovely hotel with fully equipped apartments. They are located just a short distance from the beach.

Mount Sage Villas 809-495-9567 Mount Sage Villas is located in an idyllic setting on the border of the rainforest in the mountains. Each apartment has wonderful views and is comfortably and tastefully furnished.

Myett’s Hotel www.myettent.com 284-495-9649 Myett’s Hotel is an enchanting inn with comfortable rooms. This beachfront hotel offers dining. Nanny Cay Resort and Marina www.nannycay.com 284-494-4895 Nanny Cay Resort is waterfront adjoining a marina. The grounds are full of lush gardens and have a swimming pool and dining.

Oleander House www.oleanderhousebvi.com 284-495-4142 This private home has all the comforts of home within walking distance of the beach. The villa offers wonderful views of Long Bay.

Olde Yard Village www.oldeyardvillage.com 284-495-5544 Olde Yard Village has fully equipped cottages for your home away from home. The property features a spa, café, and a swimming pool.

Palm Grove Villa www.palmgrovevilla.com 284-494-5864 This enchanting private villa is surrounded by lush gardens. The beach is just steps away and the villa has all the comforts of home.

Paradise Suites Hotel www.paradisesuitestortola.com 284-494-3525 This conveniently placed hotel is in a mall with great shopping just outside their door. There is dining available as well as a variety of services.

Purple Pineapple www.purplepineapple.com 877-787-7530 This vacation rental agency offers luxurious villas for your home away from home.

Quito’s Ole Works Inn www.quitorymer.com 284-495-4837 Quito’s Ole Works Inn has packages designed for fitness and health. The suites and rooms are creatively and tastefully done and they offer dining.

Sebastian’s Seaside Villas www.sebastiansvillas.com 284-495-4003 Sebastian’s Seaside Villas is a luxurious hotel with dining, shops, and rentals for watersports equipment. The rooms are beautiful and each has a veranda and a kitchenette.

Serendipity House www.serhouse.com 284-495-1488 Serendipity House has a full villa or an apartment for vacation rental. On the property is a swimming pool and restaurants and the beach are close by.

The Sugar Mill www.sugarmillhotel.com 284-495-4355 This charming beachfront hotel has a wonderful restaurant on site. The rooms are comfortable and well equipped with a kitchen and there is a swimming pool on the property.

Steele Point www.steelepointbvi.com 800-260-3554 Steele Point is a luxurious villa nestled on a cliff that juts out over the ocean. The villa has wonderful amenities and there is a swimming pool on the property.

Sugar Apple Villa www.sugarapplevillas.net 284-494-1946 Sugar Apple Villas is comprised of fully equipped apartments, each with a kitchen and laundry rooms. On site is a rental shop with snorkeling equipment and they are located just steps from the beach.

SummerSalt 908-231-0262 SummerSalt offers two luxurious private villas in a lovely setting. On site is a swimming pool and each villa enjoys idyllic views.

Sunset Garden www.sunsetgardenbvi.com 284-495-9702 Sunset Garden is a private home with all the comforts of home. The house has an enchanting hillside location and the views are wonderful.

SunSet View Vacation Rentals www.bvi.com/sunsetview 284-495-4315 SunSet View Vacation Rentals has lovely suites. The sights from the inn will take your breath away and they are located close to the beach.

Surfsong Villa Resort www.surfsong.net 284-495-1864 Surfsong Villa Resort offers luxurious villas on the beach. On the property is a beautiful courtyard.

The Tamarind Club www.tamarindclub.com 284-495-2477 The Tamarind Club is set on a hill with wonderful views of the bay. On the grounds is a restaurant and bar and a swimming pool.

Tortola Vacations www.tortolavacation.com US 718-549-1943 This Tortola vacation rental agency manages private homes for travelers.

Treasure Isle Hotel www.treasureislehotel.net 284-494-2501 Treasure Isle Hotel features views of the sea from each of their suites. They offer dining and there is a swimming pool and a bar on the property.

Villa Majesty www.villamajestybvi.com 284-495-4515 This luxury private villa is truly majestic. Villa Majesty is spacious and beautifully designed with amazing views.

Virgin Gorda Lodging: Accommodations and Lodging on Virgin Gorda

Virgin Gorda is the second most populated and visited of the BVI, and is home to some absolutely wonderful British Virgin Islands hotels. There are also plenty of British Virgin Islands vacation rentals to be found here, for those seeking a little more privacy than a busy resort can offer. *Use the One-Search booking engine to the right to compare best available rates.

A Dream Come True www.bvidreamvilla.com 978-283-0669 A Dream Come True is a wonderful private villa nestled on a hill over the beach. This luxury villa has a swimming pool, amazing views, and great amenities.

Baraka Point www.barakapoint.com 800-969-9713 Baraka Point is a breathtaking and elegant private villa overlooking the sea. This luxurious home comes complete with a chef, amazing amenities, and amazing wellness treatments, including Floating massage Spa and yoga classes.

Bayview Apartments www.bayviewbvi.com 284-495-5329 Bayview Apartments offers fully equipped apartments in a serene garden setting. They are ideally situated within walking distance of restaurants and attractions.

Bellamare www.bellamare.com US 703-628-0728 This private villa offers incredible views and wonderful amenities. There is a swimming pool at Bellamare and a great outdoor patio and gardens.

Biras Creek Resort www.biras.com 284-494-3555 Biras Creek Resort is a luxurious and completely secluded all inclusive resort in an amazing setting. They are located on a lagoon and have a spa and dining on site, as well as activities.

Bitter End Yacht Club www.beyc.com 800-872-2392 Bitter End Yacht Club is a beautiful resort set on the beach and surrounded by gardens. The resort has a spa and dining on the premise and they offer a variety of packages.

Casa Rocalta and Casa Luna www.casarocalta.com 203-457-1367 These two luxurious private villas are tucked away in serene seclusion. Both are elegant and have great amenities and the beach is just steps away.

Coconut Grove www.coconutgrovebvi.com 284-495-7313 Coconut Grove is a beautiful private villa located just steps from the beach. The villa has all the comforts of home and a swimming pool.

Cypress House www.cypresshousebvi.com The Cypress House is a stunning villa that puts you in the lap of luxury.The grounds are breathtaking with a swimming pool and gardens, and every aspect of the home is elegant while remaining comfortable.

Fischer’s Cove Beach Hotel www.fischerscove.com 284-495-5252 Fischer’s Cove Beach Hotel is a beachfront hotel with breathtaking views. The accommodations include charming cottages, each with all the comforts of home including a kitchenette, and cozy studios.

Guavaberry Spring Bay Vacation Homes www.guavaberryspringbay.com 284-495-5227 Guavaberry Spring Bay Vacation Homes features fully equipped homes and villas with wonderful views. They are located just steps from the beach and close to dining and entertainment in town.

Hunter Homes Ltd. www.hunterhomesbvi.com 877-999-4784 Hunter Homes consist of two private homes, The Boulder House and The Cedar House. Both homes are fully equipped with all the amenities of home and lovely views.

Island Dream www.islanddreamvilla.com 541-683-5501 Island Dream is a lovely private home with spectacular views. There is a private swimming pool on the property and the house offers all the amenities you could want.

Katitche Point Greathouse www.katitchepoint.com Katitche Point Greathouse is a stunning villa with breathtaking views. Every facet of this villa says luxury, from the infinity pool to the private chef that will make your culinary dreams come true.

Leverick Bay Resort & Marina www.leverickbay.com 284-495-7421 Leverick Bay offers both hotel rooms and fully equipped condos. At this beachfront resort you will find dining, tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a spa.

Mango Bay Resort www.mangobayresort.com 284-495-5672 Mango Bay Resort features luxurious private villas and villa duplex units on the beachfront. They are located close to town where you can find restaurants and entertainment and some of the villas have private swimming pool.

Mermaid’s Quay www.mermaidsquay.com 540-894-0195 Mermaid’s Quay is a private home nestled on a hill overlooking the beach. The villa is full of great amenities and is tastefully and comfortably furnished.

Nail Bay Resort www.nailbay.com 284-494-8000 Nail Bay Resort is an exquisite resort with luxurious villas and apartments. They are located on the beach bordering a national park and there is a restaurant on the property.

Olde Yard Village www.oldeyardvillage.com 284-495-5544 Olde Yard Village features comfortably designed and fully equipped condominiums. On the grounds is a restaurant, bar, and a café, and there are a swimming pool and tennis courts on site.

Rosewood Little Dix Bay www.littledixbay.com 284-495-5555 This lovely resort is located on an idyllic beachfront property. The accommodations offered range from rooms to amazing private villas and on site are several restaurants, tennis courts, and activities galore.

Sea Fans www.seafans.com 850-796-3235 This private villa is located on the beach surrounded by lush vegetation. The villa has a private pool and verandahs off of each room.

Seven Jewels Manor www.sevenjewelsmanor.com 284-495-6252 Seven Jewels Manor is an exquisite private manor for the truly luxurious vacation. There is a swimming pool on this spacious property and the home comes complete with amenities you never knew you wanted but will love.

Jost Van Dyke Lodging: Accommodations and Lodging on Jost Van Dyke, BVI

Jost Van Dyke is a small island and has just a few places to stay, mostly British Virgin Islands inns, and a few private homes as well. *Use the One-Search booking engine to the right to compare best available rates. Perfect Pineapple Guest Houses www.perfectpineapple.com 284-495-9401 Perfect Pineapple Guest Houses offers suites with kitchens and all the comforts of home. Each room is comfortably designed and the beach is close by. Sandcastle Hotel www.sandcastle-bvi.com 284-495-9888 Sandcastle Hotel has rooms and cottages on the beach. There is a bar and restaurant on site and the atmosphere there is relaxed.

White Bay Villas & Seaside Cottages www.jostvandyke.com 800-778-8066 White Bay Villas features villas and cottages for vacation rental. They are located by the beach and are close to restaurants and entertainment.

Anegada Lodging: Accommodations and Lodging on Anegada

Anegada is a great island for a getaway away from the crowds. This small and natural island has plenty of accommodations, from great British Virgin Islands condo rentals to larger resorts. *Use the One-Search booking engine to the right to compare best available rates.

Anegada Beach Cottages www.anegadabeachcottages.com 284-495-9234 Anegada Beach Cottages is a beachfront resort with all the appointments of home. Each cottage has enough land around it to ensure privacy during your serene vacation.

Anegada Reef Hotel www.anegadareef.com 284-495-8002 Anegada Reef Hotel offers hotel rooms and private villas. The beachfront resort has a restaurant and a bar and they offer vacation packages.

Cow Wreck Beach Resort www.cowwreckbeach.com 284-495-8047 Cow Wreck Beach Resort offers beachfront villas. There is dining on site as well as a bar and a commissary.

Lavenda Breeze www.lavendabreeze.com 888-868-0199 Lavenda Breeze is a wonderful private villa on the beach. The villa has all the amenities of home and spacious and comfortably furnished.

Neptune’s Treasure www.neptunestreasure.com 284-495-9439 Neptune’s Treasure is a lovely beachfront guesthouse with a comfortable and relaxing feel. There is dining and a bar on site and each room is tastefully decorated.

Sands Hotel www.anegadasandshotel.com 284-495-8030 Sands Hotel is an intimate hotel located steps from the beach. Some of the rooms have kitchenettes and the hotel is set in a quiet area.

BVI – Small & Private Islands Lodging:

Lodging and Accommodations on small and/or private islands in the British Virgin Islands There is nothing more luxurious than a private island in the Caribbean for your home away from home, and these small islands are all about luxury! The private islands have stellar British Virgin Islands all inclusive resorts, while the smaller, inhabited islands have cozy hotels. *Use the One-Search booking engine to the right to compare best available rates.

Cooper Island Beach Club www.cooper-island.com 800-542-4624 Cooper Island Beach Club is lovely resort on a tiny and wonderful island, Cooper Island. The resort has dining and a bar and is located right on the beach.

Guana Island www.guana.com 800-544-8262 Guana Island is a private island resort with cottages and villas. Everything you could possibly desire for a dream vacation is found here, from exquisite dining and spa treatments to watersports and yoga classes.

Necker Island www.neckerisland.com 800 557-4255 Necker Island offers a vacation like none other, which is what you would expect from a private island owned by Richard Branson. No luxury is spared on the island, and you will love the decadence of this amazing experience.

Peter Island Resort www.peterisland.com 770-476-9988 Peter Island Resort is a whole private island paradise in one resort. Accommodations offered include rooms, suites, and private villas, and every corner of this island says luxury, from the dining to the spa.

Pusser’s Marina Cay www.pussers.com/outposts/marina_cay 284-494-2174 Marina Cay is a tiny and idyllic private island that is home to the Pusser’s Resort. The rooms and villas are spacious and the restaurant is world-class.

Saba Rock Resort www.sabarock.com 284-495-9966 Saba Rock Resort is a private island resort with all the amenities needed for a great getaway. Saba Rock is located just off the Virgin Gorda shore and they offer a complimentary ferry from the resort.

Scrub Island Resort Marina and Spa www.mainsailbvi.com 813-254-3110 X 104 This private island resort is located on the beautiful Scrub Island. They offer rooms, suites, and villas and the dining is superb.

Seagrape Cottages www.seagrapecottages.net Seagrape Cottage is located on Little Thatch, a small private island just off the Tortola coast. The beach is stunning and the cottage is full of every amenity to make this your perfect home away from home.


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