Launch of Day Sails & Floating Massage Spa on St Thomas,Virgin Islands

Floating Massage Spa

Cruises in the Caribbean just got better – now you can stop at St Thomas in St John Virgin Islands for a relaxing day in one of the best message spas in the Caribbean, ZunZun. The island is the smallest in St. John, measuring just 50 KM2 . It is home to some of the finest beaches and blue waters in this part of the world and it attracts tourists year round.

For a long time the main activity in St. Thomas has been day cruises, but today lots of people are going there for the spas. The best are equipped with everything that you need for a relaxing holiday – you will go back to the mainland feeling refreshed, relaxed and well rested.

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There are some important things that first-time visitors to St. Thomas ought to know. The first is that the island does has an airport (Cyril E. King) so you can fly directly in. If you are a US citizen you do not need any special documents since these are the US Virgin Islands, but it is a good idea all the same because many people who visit these islands also travel be ocean to the British Virgin Islands.

There is plenty to do on this stunningly beautiful island. Most visitors will book a day cruise before they arrive, but if you are not fortunate enough to make plans ahead of time you can always book a cruise when you arrive.

There are many companies that offer these cruises so the choice will be yours for the making. Cruises vary; there are some that will take you out on the water for a few hours to absorb the sun and see the sea in all its splendor, and there are others that last all day. If you choose an all day cruise you can also pay for food and drinks – most cruises provide catering.

St Thomas Virgin Islands SUNSET CRUISE

There is only one company that offers a floating spa, ZunZun (you will be able to enjoy it while you are out on the water) so make sure that you book early enough to avoid disappointments. There are many different massage treatments on offer – you can choose a Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, a warm stone massage and for those who are in pain there is pain eradication therapy and reflexology on offer.

You can contact ZunZun through for more information.

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