Zunzunsailing Offers Massage Spa in Caribbean, Virgin Islands, St Thomas & St John

We strive to make your day at St John a heavenly experience full of perfect pampering for you and your friends and family!

People who visit the Virgin Islands often indulge in day cruises as their main activity in St John and St Thomas. With the introduction of a floating massage spa by Zunzun Sailing, lots of people choose it as their ultimate relaxing vacation preference. The definition of cruising in the Caribbean has just got a lot more fun and relaxing when people can have the additional amenities of the world’s best spa while on a cruise by the one and only Zunzun.

It is often believed that sailing on a cruise is adventurous yet exhausting; we help our guests change their mindsets about their holidays with our specialty Caribbean massage spa equipment and treatments – returning them feeling refreshed, well-rested and relaxed when they reach the mainland.

We provide couple and group massages, all catering to your needs and relaxation

Offering the best and relaxing spa facilities!

Massage Spa Caribbean

There may be many spas in the Virgin Islands but it would be very time taking and costly to travel from your cruise trip all the way to get your massage done. The good news is that Zunzun sailing offers the first and only floating massage spa Caribbean on the cruise! The spa services at Zunzun sailing are the most recommended all around the Caribbean as our team of professionals hold 41 years of spa experience with well-bonded, insured and fully licensed cruises. At Zunzun we promise ideal spa services with a wide variety of treatments like relaxing massages, facials, and full-body mud wraps, therapeutic and pain alleviation, cranial-sacral and reflexology to choose from depending on the guest’s requests. Whether they are a couple of groups or individuals, we provide our special services to each. Our popular floating massages in the Caribbean include:

Swedish Massage

The technique uses the idea of soft, rhythmic strokes that extends from the top layer of the muscle and is long, light and kneading to help the movement of joints.

Warm or Hot Stone Massage

Features the water-heated stones that target key points and evaporates tension, relaxes the muscles and eases circulation by evenly placing them on stiff muscles

Stress Buster Massage

Releases any kind of stress caused by or before the vacation. Helps you achieve a healthier lifestyle by considerably reducing the factors that lead to stress; heart rate, insulin and cortisol levels.

Massage Spa St John

Zunzun sailing is known to provide its remarkable floating spa cruising facilities in the heart of the beautiful island of St John. To experience a combination of serenity and comfort, Zunzun invites its visitors to indulge in the amazing personal spa experience while sailing their private cruise. Zunzun is the first 40 foot long, and 23.5-foot wide catamaran in St John that offers all the amenities like the floating massage therapy. Not only is it competent enough to offer all kinds of massage services professionally but also complements body wraps and scrubs; all made with local and natural ingredients. Apart from our mini facials and ionized foot bath, we offer massages like:

Therapeutic Massage

It is especially designed to address any chronic pain related to muscular or nervous system by handling of soft issues which is also called as neuromuscular therapy.

Aromatherapy Massage

Enriched with natural aromatic plant oil and extracts, the therapeutic property of massage therapy takes a boost and heals.

Deep Tissue or Sports

The best choice to give a careful pressurized massage on the muscles, tendons, and deep tissues to relief them from painful spots through slow and steady strokes.

Prenatal Massage

For pregnant women, this one is a perfect massage that helps with her positioning and supporting well.

Our floating massage spa offers a flexible approach towards the client’s needs and accepts any customization or changes in their massage. Clients are welcomed to enjoy

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Massage Spa St Thomas

Zunzun sailing charter brings an incredible option and opportunity for the ocean and island enthusiast who plan to have a day off to sail in St Thomas. We cater to their enjoyment as well as rejuvenation at the most beautiful sites by providing them with the floating massage spa services on our cruise.St Thomas is known as the sailor’s paradise for being a central home to some of the luxury beaches and crystal waters in the Virgin Islands as they keep attracting tourists all round the year. How soothing will it be to relax in a 40 feet peaceful Zunzun Catamaran in St Thomas, having a good amount of sunbath and enjoy a comforting therapeutic massage from these:

Medical Massage

By following the instructions of a licensed physician, this classic massage offers to eliminate all sorts of pain and discomfort only in St Thomas Virgin Islands medical massage spa.

Reika Massage

Uplifts the energy of the body system by gentle practical methods to enhance healing, support cure and eliminate any kind of strain and pain.

Thai Massage

Typical healing system with a combination of acupuncture and Indian Ayurvedic techniques along with the support of yoga postures

Tandem Massage

Essentially provided with the attention of two skilled therapists in an asynchronous or synced fashion of massage.


About Zunzun Sailing

Zunzun Sailing Yacht is known to be the first Floating Massage Spa in the Caribbean that has served this industry for 41 years now which is around five decades in the marine and boating world. We are committed to facilitating our clients with a unique and relaxing environment for their vacation where they can comfortably sit back and enjoy our therapeutic massage services to ease them from physical pain and recharge them for other days of the trip.

Tandem Massage

Grabbing several prestigious awards from Luxury Travel Guide like Traveler’s choice, “Best Sailing Company in The Virgin Islands” and “Best Massage in the Virgin Islands”, Zunzun Sailing takes pleasure in maintaining the bright shine of its expert’s hard work in terms of Virgin Islands massage spa. Generally, there are all kinds of cruises available that provide various amenities but the floating massage spa cruise will always be on top of preference for every guest. Zunzun catamaran provides professional services catering to the needs of each individual through their extensive training in the variety of massages – you can choose from:


· Reflexology for Hand and Feet​

Expected to increase the proper functioning of different body organs and system through reflex points, applying the right amount of pressure on feet and hands.

Lomi Lomi Nui Massage

· Lomi Lomi Massage

Special way of kneading, rubbing or soothing in a typically Hawaiian way, softly giving an effect of the paws of a contented cat..


·  Zunzun Massage

Ancient Caribbean Massage technique revolving around the use of long and short multiple strokes variety.

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