Zunzunsailing Offers Overnight Charters in Caribbean, Virgin Islands, St Thomas & St John

It's completely your call on how you want to spend your time in the sea as it's your vacation and we will gladly assist you in every adventure!

Ever got curious about how it will be to hear the soft splashes of the waves and feel the soft movement of them while you sleep? Ever got curious that how it will be to spend a night in the middle of the most dreamlike waters in the Virgin Islands? Ever got curious to know how a overnight term charters Virgin Islands and morning in the middle of the sea is like? How the cool morning breeze touches you as you gaze at the sunrise and how it would feel to be right under the sun and right above the water?

Zunzun has the exact answers to your curiosity. Through its overnight charters packages, one can experience all these ideas and much more. The perfectly welcoming nature of the Virgin Islands and Zunzun sailing yacht together make a perfect combination for our guests to enjoy overnight in one of our luxury yachts.

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Overnight Charters Caribbean

In order to explore the Caribbean, it is best to go for an overnight charter holiday. This way you can have plenty of time to discover a variety of places the other day. Zunzun catamaran is spacious and stable and lets you experience the beauty of a private overnight charter where you can receive definite relaxation and immaculate service. We make sure that the time spent on the yacht is a lifetime of enjoyable and relaxing experience between your family and friends.

The entire responsibility of safety is under control of the Zunzun professionals and captains whose priority is to make you feel at ease while you explore the waters. Overnight charters offer you to have personalized and unique itineraries to cater to your needs and help you enjoy amazing sightseeing while you and your group discover Caribbean history and culture. The only factor that you’re dependant on is the weather conditions and where your yacht can safely take you.

Zunzun Caribbean Sailing Yacht & Spa

Overnight Term Charters St John

While on a visit to the Virgin Islands, one may never want to miss the golden opportunity of seeing the scenic beauty of St John. The awestruck beauty of the mountainous terrain all surrounded by the greenery like green velvet having long white sandy beaches to walk on is too irresistible to miss. Towards the north, you can witness the beautiful crystal clear waters where it’s safe to stop by and snorkel or have a delicious lunch prepared by our expert chefs. It might be an ideal place for an overnight term charters St John since its offering brilliant protection and anchorage. Over the course of the stay, you will be provided fun activities like sea scooters by Zunzun Sailing or served with the most delicious meals specially prepared by our chefs according to your desire and this all happens in overnight term charters St John.

Overnight Term Charters St Thomas

For some extra entertainment on the overnight term charters St Thomas adventures Zunzun provides you its specialty of sea scooters to make the charters more fun and adventurous. This will add in the extra fun activities and boost your energy. Alongside Zunzun special relaxing massage services are always extended to its valuable guests on the floating massage spa in the cruise in St Thomas to rejuvenate and feel refreshed again.

Your overnight charter is totally customizable ranging from the days you want to spend at sea, the food you want, the activities you’d like to indulge in and altering the itineraries however you desire. After all, it’s a once in a lifetime dream trip experience and Zunzun will make it special for you. Zunzun yacht is a capable and comfortable ride having luxurious suites for rest and has its own bar and chef’s special food all prepared right in from of you to please your taste buds!

If you’re thinking of a splendid vacation, book your tickets for St Thomas and Zunzun Sailing will take care of all the arrangements and transportation to bring you to your desired destination. Our itinerary assistance along with the facilities like internet connection during your overnight stay in the cruise lets you share your enjoyments with your loved ones.

Overnight Term Charters the Virgin Islands

For an ideal holiday experience, Zunzun Sailing provides you a completely private catamaran to cruise in the Virgin Islands. Our captains are professional and have five decades of experience to give you a lifetime trip experience while handling all the navigational matters. Our navigating officers invite the guests on board who are filled with a feeling of security and relaxation. So they sleep under the stars in the spacious Zunzun catamaran. 

With Zunzun, you don’t have to worry about any hotel bookings, car rentals or day charter boats but let us make you feel relaxed and enjoy your epic sailing adventure in your overnight charter in the Virgin Islands. How amazing would it be to open your eyes in front of a new beautiful bay each morning with the chef’s special coffee and breakfast ideally prepared for you?