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There is no harm in going on a vacation along with your loved ones once in a while. If you have decided that you want to go on a trip then you must put the evergreen beaches of St Thomas where you can escape from all your worries and experience the beauty of “Mother Nature” in your bucket list. Planning a trip to an isolated island like St Thomas can be a daunting job as you have to manage a whole bunch of things on the way ranging from your travel to your accommodation.

Worry no more as Zunzun Sailing has got it all covered for you. We have a big family of highly motivated workforce at our disposal which is eager to serve you the best way possible. Our wide range of services available at St Thomas is guaranteed to give you a discreet experience. Below is a list of services you can avail by joining hands with Zunzun Sailing today;

Cherish The Priceless Moments With Your Friends & Enjoy Family Fun Activities St Thomas

Zunzun Sailing has racked up loads of priceless experience in the sailing industry for years. The day sails we offer are guaranteed to make your trip to St Thomas worth the money. You can choose between tons of locations that we cover and choose a plan according to your demands and budget. Zunzun Sailing is home to numerous sailing boats, boat rentals and yachts that are available in different sizes in order to entertain the demands laid down by our customers. Here is a list containing few of many beaches you can opt to explore at St Thomas:

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Caribbean Yacht-Massage

Hull Bay

Hull Bay is found at the northern side of St Thomas. It’s a center of attention for surfers as rough waves can be observed around the year at Hull Bay. Zunzun Sailing operates on this beach for a long time now.


Sapphire Beach

This beach is famous for its fine white sand. People looking for snorkeling in St Thomas must choose this point as it is home to an optimal location for snorkeling.

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Brewers Beach

It is located in the West end of St Thomas. Its beauty makes it a customer favorite among the people of Zunzun Sailing. It is also a brilliant attraction for the locals.

Feel The Essence Of Solitude At St Thomas

Explore The Water of St Thomas With Zunzun Sailing Adventures


Explore the natural habitat of St Thomas and experience the life beneath the surface of sea. Snorkeling is basically a simplified version of scuba diving and Zunzun Sailing has the best snorkeling service available in town. It is one of the high rated activities that you can opt to do with your friends or family on the beautiful reef of St

Scuba Diving

Take a dip in the cool waters of St Thomas and go deep down the surface of water to see the marine life in its natural setting. Zunzun Sailing provides you state of the art diving equipment and experienced divers that will assist you all the way and inform you about everything that you need to know prior to diving.

Sea Scooters

Ever wanted to experience the ride of a sea scooter? If yes then Zunzun sailing can help you fulfill your dream as we have Yamaha RDS250 sea scooters that reach speeds up to 4km per hour. You can explore the waters of St Thomas effortlessly and let the sea scooter do its job.

Best Yacht Charter By Zunzun Sailing Across St Thomas

Do you want to rent a yacht yourself without involvement of our crew? We have this option available exclusively for the customers of Zunzun Sailing. You can inquire about yacht chartering by calling us at, 340-775-5029 and our customer care will be in touch with you in no time. You can easily rent a yacht for as long as you like. You decide your own sailing duration and rent a yacht accordingly. Here at Zunzun Sailing you can choose from a variety of available boats and yachts depending on the size of gathering you want to accompany you on your sailing adventure. Moreover, you can choose a number of beaches to explore at St Thomas so you are never short of new destinations even if it’s not your first visit to St Thomas.

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Stress Buster Massage

As the name suggests, Zunzun Sailing has masseurs at their disposal that can rip off the stress from your body and help you enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Medical Massage

Zunzun Sailing also has a team of well versed and certified physicians who can help you get rid of any sort of pain that you have been facing for a long time. All this is done while you are enjoying the precious moments at St Thomas.

Thai Massage

This is an ancient massaging method that’s common in Thailand. Numerous yoga postures along with massage techniques are combined to give you a calming sensation.

Prenatal Massage

This form of massage is only for women carrying a baby in their womb. Prenatal massages help tackle pregnancy related problems that a woman might face. Get your prenatal massage done right by Zunzun Sailing.

Reflexology (Hand & Feet)

You might be aware of the fact that our organs are connected to various points of our palm and feet. This massage can help you counter pain in any internal organ of your body just by massaging specific pressure points present on your hands and feet.

Zunzun Massage

Zunzun massage is our specialty and a tradition of the Caribbean people. This method consists of a combination of various long and short strokes that inflict a soothing effect on your muscles as well as your joints.

Swedish Massage

This method is a combination of soft strokes on the upper part of your muscles. Joints are also relaxed with this technique.

Hot Stone Massage

Firstly stones are heated in boiling water. As the stones become warm they are placed on parts of your body that experience pain. You will be amazed at the level of relaxation this technique provides to your muscles deep down.

Reika Massage

There might be times where you feel low or tired during your voyage of St Thomas. In such cases Zunzun Sailing offers you Reika Massage that energizes your body in no time by the help of various pressure points.

Therapeutic Massage

Commonly goes by the name “Neuromuscular” massage that works on the tissues of your muscles so that you can avoid any pre existing chronic pain. You can get the best Therapeutic massage by Zunzun Sailing in St Thomas.


Calm practical healing method to energize various body systems on levels that endorse curing and completeness decrease strain, ease pain, and help cure.

Lomi Lomi Massage

It first originated in the Hawaiian suburbs. In Hawaiian tradition this technique refers to the movement of a cat’s paw. In a similar manner, Zunzun Sailing’s experienced team will give you a Lomi Lomi Massage that resembles a paw’s movement.

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 About The Beautiful St Thomas

St Thomas forms a part of the famous Virgin Islands located in the Caribbean Sea. The population is almost around 50,000 so it means that you can experience St Thomas in its natural form instead of being ruined by modern development. The temperature is moderate around the years with calm waters. Some months experience high tides which are an attraction for surfers from around the world.

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