Zunzunsailing Offers Term Charters Service in Caribbean, Virgin Islands, St Thomas & St John

Rent your very own yacht from us and explore the heaven-like destinations found on these islands.

The Caribbean and the Virgin Islands are one of the most famous tourist location around the globe attracting loads of visitors every year. The clear blue waters and heavenly beaches are surely a treat to the eyes for the ones who witness their magnificence. Moreover, this place is well known for its marine life where you can find tons of exotic marine species everywhere you look. The sailing experience of this place is also one of a kind. Considering all the features of this region it’s clear why these islands are the center of attention of many onlookers.

What are you waiting for? Grab your tickets now and fly to the Caribbean with your friends and family accompanying you.

The Caribbean is known as the land of wonders. The reason behind it is the array of beautiful islands and the blue lagoons that surround them. Charter your very own cruise ship from Zunzun Sailing in the mighty Caribbean Islands and embark on the journey of exploring this gem of nature. You can also opt for choosing tons of more activities that we offer to multiply the fun you get out of your trip to the Caribbean. Moreover, our states of art services are guaranteed to deliver an experience unlike any other around the globe.

Zunzun Caribbean Sailing Yacht & Spa

Term Charters St John

Ever wondered how it feels like to sail in the beautiful seas of St John? If you want to witness the true colors of nature then tune in to the services of Zunzun and set your sail for the mind bobbling journey that’s waiting for you ahead. St John is a lush green island that’s a part of the well known Virgin Islands. With cool summers and mild winters, this place acts like a magnet in terms of attracting thousands of tourists on an annual basis. Tune in to the services of Zunzun sailing and rent the cruise of your own choice in which you want to visit various picnic spots on St John.

Term Charters St Thomas

Get lost in the breathtaking sceneries present on this astonishing island named St Thomas. Zunzun Sailing can fulfill your dream of voyaging through the evergreen island of St John. We suggest our customers visit in the season of June and July, especially to those who are huge fans of surfing. 

You can double up the fun of your trip by adding surfing to your bucket list along with cruising in one of our cruises or boats, you name it. Beat the summer’s heat in cool beaches that reside in St Thomas. Moreover, our staff and crew are more than willing to cater all your travel needs ensuring that none of our customers return home even with the tiniest bit of dissatisfaction.

Term Charters Virgin Islands

All the travelers around the world have one thing in common amongst them. That common thing is the urge to visit the Virgin Islands at least once in their life. Does the question arise that is the Virgin Islands worth all this hype? 

If you want to know the answer then experience the elegance of this place first hand. The main attraction of this region is that it isn’t very densely populated so you can experience nature in its raw form.