Tips for Hiring the Best Yacht Charter in St. Thomas

Top 6 Tips for Hiring the Best Yacht Charter in St. Thomas

If you are looking to hire the best St. Thomas yacht charter, brace yourself for the adventure of a lifetime. St. Thomas is a popular holiday destination, known for its white-sand beaches, crystal clear waters, exotic marine life and much more, a land where you can relax alongside the peaceful shores, explore the local restaurants, or just party all night long in stunning towns.

Best of all, if you order a St. Thomas sailing boat, you will get the opportunity to not only explore St. Thomas, but hundreds of other islands surrounding the Caribbean.

But, are you actually ready for a sailing holiday in St. Thomas? A lot of travelers who embark on a St. Thomas yacht charter do not know where to start and what to expect. But fret not! We have compiled a list of top 7 tips to help you hire the best yacht charter in St. Thomas, and make the most of your sailing holidays.

So, let’s get started.

#1 Set a Decent Budget


Top 6 Tips for Hiring the Best Yacht Charter in St. Thomas

Know how much does it cost to hire a yacht charter in St. Thomas. Costs may vary depending upon a variety of factors – from the type of boat you require to the time of your holiday to the length of your visit to whether or not you require a professional skipper or crew and more.

Come up with a decent budget in advance, accounting any additional charges including accommodation, activities, drinking etc. Do not hunt the cheapest yacht charters out there but evaluate the “best deals” within your pre-set budget.

#2 Hire a Professional Skipper or Crew

Top 6 Tips for Hiring the Best Yacht Charter in St. Thomas

Tempted to go bareboat across St. Thomas? Well, it is not necessarily a good idea, particularly if you are new to St. Thomas sailing. But it does not mean it is a bad idea. People learn to sail all the time; however, it is risky and might prove to be a little too overwhelming.

So, consider hiring a professional skipper or a crew beforehand in order to search the best yacht charters available out there. A professional crew may help you learn how to sail, plan your itinerary, provide entertainment opportunities, provide local advice and make your holiday carefree and effortless.

#3 Consider Yacht Charter Insurance


Top 6 Tips for Hiring the Best Yacht Charter in St. Thomas

Insurance matters. It is a way of managing risks. Take a big-picture perspective of why it is critical. It plays a central role in your financial plan, particularly if you wish to travel any time soon. So, before you hire a yacht charter in St. Thomas, do your home work regarding the types of insurance you require.

You should consider (1) The Deposit Insurance, (2) The Skipper Liability Insurance, and (3) Travel Expenses Cancellation Insurance. These insurance help you avoid any arguments while you travel with friends, family or with your significant other, and may even help you save your expenses.

#4 Contemplate Weather Conditions


Top 6 Tips for Hiring the Best Yacht Charter in St. Thomas

Bear in mind the relationship between sailing weather and yacht charter season. Since the best yacht charter companies operate and offer better services during the sailing season. So, if you are going to St. Thomas in August/September, know what companies offer high-end services in a particular season at competitive rates.

#5 Customize Your Yacht Charter


Top 6 Tips for Hiring the Best Yacht Charter in St. Thomas

As described earlier, do your homework on time. Know what companies offer Guest Preference Sheets option since it important when it comes to communicating to your captain and crew what your personal preferences are.

In this way, your hired crew will prepare your itinerary, tailor menu, preferred drinks or beverages or any other special dietary needs accordingly. What’s more, you can enlist the entertainment activities you would like to have while you are on a St. Thomas yacht charter.

#6 Dream Yacht Charters are Booked Early, Do Not Rely on Last Minute Luck

Do not wait till the last moment to book a yacht charter. Last-minute luck works rarely and you might not be left with any high-end, top-notch sailing options. Book your favorite yacht charter to St. Thomas as soon as you complete your research on the best yacht charters available out there.

Other Bonus Tips

  • Consider your individual member needs when selecting the right boat.
  • Consider hiring older yachts if you have a tight or a low budget.
  • Read yacht charter, boat or sailor reviews in order to choose the best charter.
  • Look out for quality certifications with clearly published requirements.
  • A local captain may offer a more relaxed cruise trip.
  • If you still have doubts or confusion, do not hesitate to visit Zuzun Sailing.

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