Zunzun Offers Sailing & Day Spa in Virgin Islands

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Virgin Islands are considered to be one of the perfect cruising grounds for ocean lovers who are hoping for a premier location to enjoy the ocean breeze and overall relish the sea but at Zunzun you get a beyond expected treatment of the on board massage spa that doubles your pleasure and makes your vacations worthwhile!

Zunzun Sailing Vacations Virgin Islands

Being the most recommended luxury sailing charter and aquatic expedition company, Zunzun Sailing Charter is a top rated traveler’s choice. A variety of team professionals are there to assist you while on board and underwater, doing the very best snorkeling of the Virgin Islands. Added to this we provide the 5 star cuisines in which we share immense passion for the food quality, cleanliness and of course taste!

Zunzun Sailing is a fully licensed and accredited company that works best with its lifelong water-men crew who believe in serving with their experience. Of course everyone deserves a chance to experience the soothing calmness that comes with the rhythms of the ocean, to make your trip more relaxing in the Virgin Islands we offer the exclusive Natural Health and Floating Massage Spa, which has the experience of over five decades now! Groups can pre-schedule their massage times to suit them the best spa time.

What To Expect From Us

We take the ultimate responsibility to guide and take our guests into the safe sailing points at the Virgin Islands, where they attain the opportunity to explore and experience the joy of sailing in the scenic beauty followed by the exceptional servings of the gourmet foods and wines in a sweet and salty sea breeze.

There’s a relaxation of time, we make the availability of our yacht from sunrise snorkeling to private dinners as the sun sets and the moon rises under the starry skies. To make your adventure more valuable, there are seals, dolphins and other marine animals and when suitable we catch the fresh seafood for you to feast.

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Zunzun brings you 40 feet long and 23 feet wide spacious French Catamaran Sailing Yacht where you are welcome to chill on a floating home with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large kitchen and dining room with a capacious living room in the cockpit area, all outfitted to your ease and luxury.There are plenty of adventure arrangements done for you ranging from all the very best snorkeling equipment, modern floating devices, kayak and much more.

The waterproof built yacht offers a retrofitted cutting edge floating massage spa having the very right tools and equipment needed including a variety of advanced level massage tables, sauna, aromatherapy, warm stone, sun treatments, detox foot baths, mud wraps, scrubs and a lot more body treatments to choose from! For the sun bathers and sun avoiders, we have plenty of sunbaths and shades.


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To make your sunset and moonlight sails more cherish able with your partner or group, we extend an array of splendid services to suit our guests. Our Yamaha RDS250 Sea scooter doubles your adventure by a satisfying balance between its speed and run time. Indeed making it the perfect vehicle for back to back dive days making them more fun. Join us for a week-long Virgin Island adventure or a perfect dine in romantic date and get the benefits of personal chef, island tour guide, high performance sea scooters, massage therapist and much more!

Now Offering Personalized, Memorable Sailing Trips With An Unmatched Local Knowledge And Experience


Zunzun Sailing Yacht Charter Virgin Islands keep its services simple and wider to be availed by a number of guests. One can easily use our services by choosing their desired massage with their massage partner or group; we do provide combine services so your spa time is spent well. Your massage can be customized according to your needs and requirements; it’s totally up to you to decide how long you want your massage. Booking and payments are available through credit card, contact anytime and we will book your slot. Relax your muscles a bit after the exciting snorkeling session and leave the rest on our professional team at Virgin Islands

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Now Offering Special Couple and Group Massages On-Board.

There’s a Long Exciting List of Massage Spa Virgin Islands Offered By Zunzun:

Swedish Massage

Relaxing your upper layer of muscles till the movement of joints with our special soft, long, pressure strokes as well as light, rhythmic strokes.

Stress Buster Massage

To release any kind of stress, this one works best. Professional massagers help efficiently lower your heart, cortisol and insulin levels all that adds to a healthier body.

Warm / Hot Stone Massage

Usage of smooth, water- heated stones is skillfully placed on the key points to enhance your muscle relaxation by releasing the muscle stiffness and facilitating circulation.

Medical MassageBay

Delivered by the professional physicians to target the pain related concerns.

Reika Massage

Rather soothing practice to cure the strains, sprains and pains and activate your body systems.

Thai Massage

:Old techniques inclusive of acupressure, yoga postures and Indian ayurvedic principle to elevate the healing process.

Tandom Massage

Consists of dual massagers who do the massage in a synchronized and relaxing way to increase the efficiency.

Therapeutic Massage

Focuses on easing the chronic pain revolving around the muscular and nervous systems through soft tissue manipulation known as neuromuscular therapy.

Deep Tissue / Sports

Eases and relaxes the stiff muscles layers, tendons and other deep issues by slow, careful strokes reducing pain.

Aromatherapy Massage

Usage of natural and essential plant based oils with therapeutic properties and power of healing.

Prenatal Massage

Works best for the expectant mother’s relaxation and positioning in an effective way.

Reflexology (Hand & Feet)

Catering to the needs of feet and hands by applying suitable pressure to precise points linked to different organs of body system.

LomiLomi Massage

A unique Hawaiian ritual massage that gives a soothing feeling as the cat paw rubs soothe and massage pleasingly.

Zunzun Massage

Another Accustomed Caribbean Massage offering unique array of long and short strokes.

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Private Sailing Charters

Not only we cater to groups of up to twelve people but we also introduce a completely private sailing experience on board which provides couples with a romantic atmosphere between the azure sky and crystal blue oceans, creating a pleasing lifetime memory. People are welcomed to come on board with their loved ones in our luxury sailing catamaran where our private, captained sailing yacht caters to the exclusivity and intimacy desired by the clients professionally. A genuine adventure awaits your spirits and memories to last a lifetime!

Zunzun Sailing Excursions

Have a flying experience across the open oceans of Virgin Islands in our personal fast sea scooters that enhance your luxurious personal water experience. Safe and guided tours planned by pur experienced crew makes your excursion and personal encounters with the marine life more valuable. Enrich your senses with feed your passion for sailing with Zunzun Sailing to explore the world’s most tranquil waterways. While you relax and enjoy the scenic beauty on the yacht, our private, professionally trained crew prepares fresh seafood right in front of you and lets you indulge in the fine dining exotic cuisine, we handle it all!